Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Your Interview Questions

As the interviewee, take full advantage of opportunities to ask questions. Asking good well-prepared and researched questions is your chance to demonstrate that you are better than the other candidates, and to show that you have a tremendous capability and understanding and potential, irrespective of what the interviewer asks you.
Don't wait for the interviewer to ask you questions - you can control this area of discussion yourself by asking questions that will make them sit up and realise what an excellent candidate you are.
Ask questions that make the interviewer think, - they should be thinking - "Wow, that's an unusual question - this candidate is special - they are demonstrating to me that they understand people, communications, have great integrity, a strong value system, great humanity, maturity, a strategic mind, etc ............"

build up a set of question in advance by research or just thinking as if you were an advisor to the company. See to ask interviewers at job interviews for more tips

Good luck!